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Here at Zabierek Designs we’re passionate about what we do, and so we love working with people who are just as passionate about their work. Johnny Doughnuts opened up shop in the West End of San Rafael last year and presented the perfect small business model for us to work with: they are not only passionate and hard working, but they are also delicious! It’s a treat – pun intended – to work with people and products we believe in.

The Johnny Doughnuts website – – was an inspiring project. They had a simple one-page banner site in place already, so with that clean slate it was incumbent upon us to provide a highly search engine optimized site that targeted all of their keywords and long string phrases, and to really knock it out of the park with the look and feel of the brand.

We built this site from the ground up: created the information architecture, wrote all of the copy for the site, covered all of the underpinning for the search engine optimization, edited all of the photography and graphics, managed the social media for the launch and scheduled out the initial social media strategy. Knowing that their entire marketing strategy relied on their web site as its backbone allowed us to tailor landing pages to specific needs of their marketing initiatives. Add to that that nearly everyone loves doughnuts (they even make a gluten-free doughnuts that is out-of-this-world delicious), and that doughnuts are therefore extraordinarily photogenic, and we had a blast designing this site.

We continue to work with Johnny Doughnuts in providing:

  • Ongoing Marketing Strategy
  • Analysis of their online traffic using Google Analytics
  • Making incremental changes to the SEO of their web site
  • Providing ongoing development of their web site
  • Providing oversight on their ongoing Social Media Campaign(s)