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Telltale Games is a local video game company that makes games for ip’s like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones – among many others. Zabierek Designs had the good fortune to lead the website redesign project for their new website. While it was a challenge to incorporate all of the required functionality into the design of the site, it was an even larger challenge to coordinate all of the back end work, which required users to register their usernames on the website and associate those usernames withe the games they had installed across multiple gaming platforms.

Acting as a liaison between the executive team, the marketing team, and the web development team meant that we were held to strict adherence to project management disciplines and provided tools to foster efficient workflow and dove tail scheduling between the teams.

In addition to seamlessly integrating users with their game installs, the development team completely redesigned the site and built a proprietary discussion engine from scratch using Vanilla Forums as a framework.

The project lasted two years, and launched in September of 2013.