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Hey, so: deep thanks to everyone for the outpouring of support. I truly am a Humble Bumble. My gratitude cannot be adequately expressed here in words, but I wanted to be sure and shine that light back on you: your love and kindness healed any maladies my heart may have ever been feeling, and left me with the sweetest feeling of gratitude during what was a trying few days. That shit worked: thank you.About my health: I haven't updated since my last post because I was still quite sick for a few days. But I turned the corner yesterday and got my first good night's sleep in over 3 weeks last night. I'm back to work and my lungs are clearing up. My hematoma is still a problem, but the pain is manageable. Saw the doctor and changed up meds this morning. I'm still contagious, apparently, but come to think of it, having a valid reason to avoid crowds through the holidays is actually a win for me. Imma be fine now. Sorry for the scare. Ted Talk: I hope that everyone is surrounded by the love of their families and warmed by the gifts of the memories of those not with us this week; speak their names aloud and celebrate their memories and tell their stories and feel joy for it. I'm hopeful that we honor our traditions – in all their tattered glory – of Thanksgiving's Past, and that we all really put everything we've got into every damn story and every damn sandwich. And also that we are all looking forward through the holidays with hope and good will. After this past couple of weeks, I can guarantee you that I am! Shout out: to my Mommabird. I love you – thank you.Mad props: All of my nurses were excellent human beings and made me feel comfortable during some scary and vulnerable moments. My hat is hereby perpetually doffed to all nurses, everywhere: deepest respect.

Bitchrant: Witness my dryer, and all of the parts that are BUILT to fail and need to be replaced. I mean, they ENGINEER failure into these machine parts – there are no bearings in the rollers and if you grease or oil them the rubber parts fall apart. The least they could do is make it easy to access the broken bits… But no: you've got to strip the whole damn thing down and replace everything. For the day of work/earnings I'm missing I could purchase a new dryer and this one would end up in a landfill – so it's worth saving. I just thought I should procrastinate and whine about it here on FB where the whining happens. I will now count my blessings and get back to work; thanks for sharing my struggle. As you were.