Email Marketing

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet! (Which of course is Latin for: Why haven’t you emailed me lately?)

Contrary to popular opinion, studies have shown show by that more than 75% of consumers actually prefer to receive (opted-in) marketing communications through email. People actually read those things! So why not do it? It can establish a new relationship with a lead, drive brand loyalty with a current customer, and (more often than you’d think) consumers actually listen to your call to action. And the low cost of creating and deploying email campaigns delivers a measurable and effective return on investment (ROI). We tend to average approximately 40 dollars of return for every dollar spent via email marketing.

We’ll work with you to identify your metrics for success, build a landing page that converts users to that metric, and design an email campaign around it to maximize your return on your marketing investment. We pride ourselves on knowing your customer, and on delivering the appropriate message to them via email.